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UJS represents over 8,500 Jewish students, spanning 60 Jewish Societies on campuses across the UK and Ireland. They are traditional, progressive, cultural and spiritual and represent Jews from all religious and political spectrums. Locally, nationally, and internationally, UJS runs diverse and dynamic programs, provides access to kosher food and accommodation, and passionately engages with Israel, interfaith, and social action projects. They host an annual Purim party at various venues around London, where Jewish students can come together to celebrate.

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#JewishMuseum ✡️ this gorgeous old synagogue in Girona has been transformed into an incredible Jewish History Museum! Be sure to check out the Jewish History Museum of Girona on your next voyage to Spain!
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Did you know the great rabbi Moshe ben Nahman Gerondi, better known as Nahmanides or Ramban, practiced in Girona?
For more about #Girona check out our WJHpedia page! Link in our bio ✡️
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In the Far East of Spain lies #Girona 🇪🇸 Though not obvious at first glance, Girona has a rich #Jewish history. During the 12th century, the city saw a flourish of the Jewish community with one of the most important Kabbalistic schools in Europe. The Rabbi of Girona, Moshe ben Nahman Gerondi (better known as Nahmanides or Ramban), was appointed Great Rabbi of Catalonia. Though the Jews were expelled in 1492 by the Catholic kings, Girona's Jewish quarter is well-preserved and a major tourist attraction today ✡️ For more information check out WJHedia, our own Wikipedia platform covering all things related to Jewish heritage! Link in the bio
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